Breaking changes ❗

  • The deprecated Services feature is now removed. All resources created for Services are preserved for data recovery purposes (volumes, database tables, etc.), but are not accessible through the Coder platform. Please reference Docker in Environments for a guide on the new workflow for running containers within your environment.
  • The built-in Internal Extension Marketplace is now removed. All resources created for this feature are preserved for data recovery purposes, but are not accessible through the Coder platform. For air-gapped deployments, the Custom Extension Marketplace configuration enables the use of Open VSX as an alternative.
  • The Container-based Virtual Machine environment option is now considered generally available. The admin-level configuration is still required, but the alpha warning has been removed.
  • Environment SSH routing has new behavior. If you have any processes listening on port 22 it will be used to provide SSH access to your environment instead of the bundled SSH implementation. This is a breaking change for users that had services listening on port 22 before this change. Please reference this guide.

Features ✨

  • Public Rest API: documentation
  • Support for remote port forwarding over SSH
    • ex: ssh -R 8080:localhost:8080 coder.dev
  • Support for running a full OpenSSH server inside your environment.
  • The administrator configuration option "Privileged Environments" is now removed. All non-CVM environments are launched with privileged: false.
  • web: PWA icons for JetBrains and code-server have been redesigned
  • web: Input sliders have been redesigned
  • web: A character counter was added to the organization description field
  • web: Display warning when memory provision rate is high
  • web: The dashboard has been redesigned with a new color scheme and navbar branding

Bug fixes 🐛

  • infra: Extraneous environment variables were removed from non-CVM based environments

Security updates 🔐

There are no security updates in 1.16.0.

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