Coder automatically turns off idle workspaces to help manage resource expenditure. Typically, this means workspaces turn off overnight and remain offline until a rebuild is requested. With Autostart, you can request automated rebuilds at a time that suits your workflow. You can expect your workspaces to be ready for you at the start of each workday.

Criteria for autostart

Your workspace must be:

  • Active (Active workspaces are those that have been opened in the last four days)
  • Off (Autostart doesn't work when workspaces are on to prevent the triggering of a rebuild while you're working)

Coder may trigger Autostart up to 5 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure all queued workspaces are ready on time.

Enabling autostart

  1. Click on your avatar in the top-right and select Account in the drop-down menu.

  2. Select the Autostart tab and set your desired Autostart time.

    Set autostart time

  3. Select the workspaces for which you want to enable Autostart and save.

    ![Select workspaces to


Enabling Autostart for new workspaces

When creating a new workspace, you may enable Autostart by checking the box labeled Automatically turn this workspace on at (HH:MM) (where HH:MM is your configured time).

Enable autostart with new workspace

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