Workspace template code completion

Workspace template code completion

Coder provides a JSON Schema for workspace templates that enables code completion and syntax checking.


You must have the YAML extension by Red Hat installed to use this feature.

How to use

Create a file called coder.yaml, and add the following to the top (be sure to replace the <deployment_url> placeholder with your Coder deployment URL):

# yaml-language-server: $schema=https://<deployment_url>/api/private/template/schemas/wac.schema.json

# Write your YAML config here

At this point, you can use the code completion and syntax checking features.

Keyboard shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts you may find helpful include:

  • Document outlining (Ctrl + Shift + O)
  • Auto completion (Ctrl + Space)

See the YAML extension by Red Hat docs for additional shortcuts.

Code Completion Demo

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