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NFS file mounting

NFS file mounting

NFS file mounting

This guide will walk you through configuring and mounting an NFS file share to a Coder workspace. The NFS file share will be separate from the user's persistent volume (represented as /home/<user> in the workspace).


To mount an NFS file share, you must use a container-based virtual machine (CVM) workspace with a FUSE device attached. You can enable both of these features in the admin panel by navigating to Manage > Admin > Infrastructure > Workspace container runtime.

Please review the CVM infrastructure requirements before enabling CVMs and FUSE devices.

The Coder workspace must have either nfs-utils or nfs-common installed.

The server must have either nfs-utils or nfs-kernel-server installed.

Ensure that no firewalls are blocking the client connections. By default, the NFS daemon is configured to run on a static port of 2049.

Server configuration steps

  1. Create an NFS mount on the server for the clients to access:

    export NFS_MNT_PATH=/mnt/nfs_share
    # Create directory to shaare
    sudo mkdir -p $NFS_MNT_PATH
    # Assign UID & GIDs access
    sudo chown -R uid:gid $NFS_MNT_PATH
    sudo chmod 777 $NFS_MNT_PATH
  2. Grant access to the clients by updating the /etc/exports file, which controls the directories shared with remote clients. See Red Hat's docs for more information about the configuration options.

    # Provides read/write access to clients accessing the NFS from any IP address.
    /mnt/nfs_share  *(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)
  3. Export the NFS file share directory. You must do this every time you change /etc/exports.

    sudo exportfs -a
    sudo systemctl restart <nfs-package>

Client (Coder workspace) configuration steps

  1. Create a directory where the NFS mount will reside:

    sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nfs_clientshare
  2. Mount the NFS file share from the server into your workspace:

    sudo mount <server-IP>:/mnt/nfs_share /mnt/nfs_clientshare
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