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The Cloud Development Environment Adoption Report

Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) are revolutionizing developer workflows, migrating workspace to the cloud and transforming the entire development process. In November 2023, we surveyed 223 global developers and business leaders to understand CDEs’ importance to the software development market and uncovered significant insights. 95% of participants are familiar with CDEs and 66% of large organizations are currently using CDEs. This shows CDEs are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of software development, despite their emerging status.

These insights underscore the growing importance of CDEs in modern development practices. This report highlights many CDE benefits, focusing on four key areas to build a compelling business case.

Onboarding developers faster

Give developers instant access to all required development tools, services, and infrastructure. Getting them up to speed on a new workstation and expediting the time to their first code commit.

Securing source code

Security is a top consideration when selecting tools and source code security is a top priority in CDEs. They prevent unauthorized access and data leaks, ensuring code integrity and more.

Improving developer experience

Minimize friction in the development process by allowing developers to focus on coding and less on ancillary tasks like onboarding and maintenance.

Cutting cloud costs

Manage cloud spend by streamlining tool stacks, improve onboarding time, improve build times, reduce tool maintenance, remove burden of developers having to switch platform to platforms, and more.

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