Microsoft DevBox Alternative

Coder is an open-source solution that takes a platform-agnostic approach to remote development architecture that enables software development on infrastructure designed by you which is always under your control. By leveraging Terraform, Coder lets developers run an IDE on any compute platform including on-prem, AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes, Docker, and more, with workspaces running on Linux, Windows, or Mac.

FeatureMicrosoft DevBox AlternativeCoder
Delivery ModelSaaS (In preview, not GA)OSS + Self-Managed
CostPay MicrosoftPay your cloud
Internet Access RequiredYesNo
Latency and Data SovereigntyAustralia East, Europe West, Japan East, Canada Central, UK South, US East, US East 2, US South Central, and US West 3Self-Hosted
Security isolation modelMicrosoft Azure Virtual MachineUnopinionated, 100% configurable and depends upon how you design your solution
EnvironmentsWindows Virtual MachineAll Terraform resources, all clouds, multi-architecture: Linux, Mac, Windows, containers, VMs, amd64, arm64
IDEAny application that runs on Windows via Microsoft Remote DesktopAnything (vim, emacs, theia, code-server, openvscode-server, entire jetbrains suite inc gateway remote development, visual studio code desktop, visual studio for mac, visual studio for windows) you choose to install and deploy
Last Updated14/12/2022Please file a GitHub issue if any information is out of date.

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