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Coder v1.21 has been released!

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Ben Potter
 on July 27th, 2021

SSH Connection Caching & Networking in Coder

Coder 1.21 introduces a new networking model that ensures connections are end-to-end encrypted and reduces latency and round-trips between users and workspaces.

For a technical dive on how networking v2 works, see our post: Rearchitecting Coder’s networking with WebRTC.

Most notably, coder-cli now uses SSH Connection Caching. In our tests, it was 80% faster connecting to workspaces through SSH and roughly 30% faster accessing resources on the workspace.

Workspace Providers

Coder 1.21 includes a refreshed workspace providers page and management flow. Workspace providers make it possible to create and manage Coder workspaces across regions, data centers, or even Kubernetes providers. Adding additional workspace providers in Coder 1.21+ has fewer steps and requirements, as you just need to deploy a ServiceAccount on any Kubernetes cluster. Workspace providers have no Coder-managed control plane or helm charts.

In future releases, additional workspace provider types will be added beyond Kubernetes.

Build cancellations

Workspace builds can now be cancelled from the Coder Dashboard. This is great for debugging workspaces or changing configuration without having to wait for the workspace to fully build or fail.

RStudio IDE Support

We have added RStudio to our list of supported IDEs in Coder. See our documentation on how to add it into your Coder images.

Installing Coder on OpenShift

We’ve added a guide for installing Coder v1.21 on OpenShift. Check it out on our documentation.

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