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Coder v1.16: SSH Port Forwarding, REST API, and Dashboard Redesign

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Ben Potter
 on February 23rd, 2021

SSH Port Forwarding + X11 Forwarding

Connect to services running on your Coder environment from your local machine with SSH remote port forwarding. SSH port forwarding makes it possible to access services that aren’t available through Dev URLs, such as mobile app development.

Mobile development with Coder

More info:


Use Coder’s beta REST API to automate Coder through custom apps or scripts! The API contains endpoints for managing users, environments, organizations, and images. You'll need an API token to access the API, which you can generate using the coder-cli. Simply run coder tokens create [name]

Here are some resources for getting started with Coder’s API:

Dashboard Updates

We’ve updated the Coder dashboard colorway to reflect Coder’s brand.

Images screen in Coder v1.16

Removed: Services

In Coder v1.15, we announced the deprecation of Coder’s Services feature in favor of supporting industry standard tools, like Docker and Docker Compose, in the environment. CVMs in Coder are no longer in alpha and are our recommended solution for running these workloads:

Coder preserves all of the resources you created for Services for data recovery purposes, but you will not be able to access them through the platform. For assistance migrating your services, please contact us. If your setup does not support the CVM runtime, workspaces can continue using the default runtime on your cluster.

Removed: Internal Extension Marketplace

We have removed the built-in Internal Extension Marketplace. Coder preserves all resources created for internal marketplaces for data recovery purposes, but you will not be able to access them via the platform.

For air-gapped deployments, we offer the Custom Extension Marketplace Configuration (which enables the use of Open VSX) as an alternative.

Refer to the 1.16.0 changelog for a full list of updates. Coder is free to try for 60 days, get a license at

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