Customize the look of your Coder deployment to meet your enterprise requirements.

You can access the Appearance settings by navigating to Deployment > Appearance.

application name and logo url

Application Name

Specify a custom application name to be displayed on the login page. The default is Coder.

Logo URL

Specify a custom URL for your enterprise's logo to be displayed on the sign in page and in the top left corner of the dashboard. The default is the Coder logo.

Announcement Banners

service banner

Announcement Banners let admins post important messages to all site users. Only Site Owners may set the announcement banners.

Example: Use multiple announcement banners for concurrent deployment-wide updates, such as maintenance or new feature rollout.

Multiple announcements

Example: Adhere to government network classification requirements and notify users of which network their Coder deployment is on.

service banner secret

OIDC Login Button Customization

Use environment variables to customize the text and icon on the OIDC button on the Sign In page.

Support links let admins adjust the user dropdown menu to include links referring to internal company resources. The menu section replaces the original menu positions: documentation, report a bug to GitHub, or join the Discord server.

support links


The link icons are optional, and can be set to any url or builtin icon, additionally bug, chat, and docs are available as three special icons.



To configure support links in your Coder Kubernetes deployment, update your Helm chart values as follows:

      value: >
        [{"name": "Hello GitHub", "target": "https://github.com/coder/coder",
        "icon": "bug"},
         {"name": "Hello Slack", "target":
        "https://codercom.slack.com/archives/C014JH42DBJ", "icon":
         {"name": "Hello Discord", "target": "https://discord.gg/coder", "icon":
         {"name": "Hello Foobar", "target": "https://foo.com/bar", "icon":

System package

if running as a system service, set an environment variable CODER_SUPPORT_LINKS in /etc/coder.d/coder.env as follows,

CODER_SUPPORT_LINKS='[{"name": "Hello GitHub", "target": "https://github.com/coder/coder", "icon": "bug"}, {"name": "Hello Slack", "target": "https://codercom.slack.com/archives/C014JH42DBJ", "icon": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coder/coder/main/site/static/icon/slack.svg"}, {"name": "Hello Discord", "target": "https://discord.gg/coder", "icon": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coder/coder/main/site/static/icon/discord.svg"}, {"name": "Hello Foobar", "target": "https://discord.gg/coder", "icon": "/emojis/1f3e1.png"}]'

For CLI, use,

export CODER_SUPPORT_LINKS='[{"name": "Hello GitHub", "target": "https://github.com/coder/coder", "icon": "bug"}, {"name": "Hello Slack", "target": "https://codercom.slack.com/archives/C014JH42DBJ", "icon": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coder/coder/main/site/static/icon/slack.svg"}, {"name": "Hello Discord", "target": "https://discord.gg/coder", "icon": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coder/coder/main/site/static/icon/discord.svg"}, {"name": "Hello Foobar", "target": "https://discord.gg/coder", "icon": "/emojis/1f3e1.png"}]'

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