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With third-party extensions, you can use code-server to collaborate with other developers in real time.

Code sharing using Duckly

Duckly allows you to share your code in real-time even with people using different IDEs (like JetBrains and VSCode).

  • Cross-IDE support,
  • Real-time typing,
  • P2P encrypted,
  • Voice and audio chat,
  • Terminal sharing

Installing the Duckly Extension

Duckly uses an extension to provide real time sharing features

  1. Install the Duckly extension from OpenVSX on code-server.
  code-server --install-extension gitduck.code-streaming
  1. Refresh you code-server window. You should now be able to see the Duckly extension.

Sharing with Duckly

As code-server is based on VS Code, you can follow the steps described on Duckly's Pair programming with VS Code page and skip the installation step.

Code sharing using CodeTogether

CodeTogether is a real-time cross-IDE replacement for Microsoft Live Share providing:

  • Cross-IDE support - between VS Code, Eclipse, IntelliJ and IDEs based on them (browser or desktop)
  • Real-time editing - shared or individual cursors for pairing, mobbing, swarming, or whatever
  • P2P encrypted - servers can't decrypt the traffic (Security Details)
  • SaaS or On-premises options
  • Shared servers, terminals, and consoles
  • Unit Testing - with support for Red, Green, Refactor TDD
  • Joining via a web browser or your preferred IDE
  • Free unlimited 1 hour sessions with 4 participants
  • Multiple plans including free or paid options

Installing the CodeTogether extension

  1. Install the CodeTogether extension from OpenVSX on code-server.

      ITEM_URL= \
      code-server --install-extension genuitecllc.codetogether
  2. CodeTogether requires VS Code's proposed API to run. Start code-server with the following flag:

    code-server --enable-proposed-api genuitecllc.codetogether

    Another option would be to add a value in code-server's config file.

  3. Refresh code-server and navigate to the CodeTogether icon in the sidebar to host or join a coding session.

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