Coder Enterprise admins may define quotas to control costs and ensure equitable access to cloud resources. The quota system controls instantaneous cost. For example, the system can ensure that every user in your deployment has a spend rate lower than $10/day at any given moment.

The workspace provisioner enforces quota during workspace start and stop operations. When users reach their quota, they may unblock themselves by stopping or deleting their workspace(s).

Quotas are licensed with Groups.


  • Credits is the fundamental unit of the quota system. They map to the smallest denomination of your preferred currency. For example, if you work with USD, think of each credit as a cent.
  • Budget is the per-user, enforced, upper limit to credit spend.
  • Allowance is a grant of credits to the budget.

Establishing Costs

Templates describe their cost through the daily_cost attribute in resource_metadata. Since costs are associated with resources, an offline workspace may consume less quota than an online workspace.

A common use case is separating costs for a persistent volume and ephemeral compute:

resource "coder_metadata" "volume" {
    resource_id = "${docker_volume.home_volume.id}"
    cost = 10

resource "docker_volume" "home_volume" {
  name = "coder-${data.coder_workspace.me.owner}-${data.coder_workspace.me.name}-root"

resource "coder_metadata" "container" {
    resource_id = "${docker_container.workspace.id}"
    cost = 20

resource "docker_container" "workspace" {
  count = data.coder_workspace.me.start_count
  image = "codercom/code-server:latest"
  volumes {
    container_path = "/home/coder/"
    volume_name    = docker_volume.home_volume.name
    read_only      = false

In that template, the workspace consumes 10 quota credits when it's offline, and 30 when it's online.

Establishing Budgets

Each group has a configurable Quota Allowance. A user's budget is calculated as the sum of their allowances.


For example:

Group NameQuota Allowance

UsernameGroupsEffective Budget
jillFrontend, Backend300
jackBackend, Data500

Quota Enforcement

Coder enforces Quota on workspace start and stop operations. The workspace build process dynamically calculates costs, so quota violation fails builds as opposed to failing the build-triggering operation. For example, the Workspace Create Form will never get held up by quota enforcement.


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