Coder is free to use and includes some features that are only accessible with a paid license. Contact Sales for pricing or get a free trial.

CategoryFeatureOpen SourceEnterprise
SupportEmail, Prioritization
ScaleHigh Availability
ScaleMultiple External Auth Providers
ScaleIsolated Terraform Runners
ScaleWorkspace Proxies
GovernanceAudit Logging
GovernanceBrowser Only Connections
GovernanceGroups & Template RBAC
Cost ControlQuotas
Cost ControlMax Workspace Lifetime
User ManagementGroups
User ManagementGroup & role sync
User ManagementSCIM

Adding your license key

There are two ways to add an enterprise license to a Coder deployment: In the Coder UI or with the Coder CLI.

Coder UI

Click Deployment, Licenses, Add a license then drag or select the license file with the jwt extension.

Add License UI

Coder CLI


  • Your license key
  • Coder CLI installed


  1. Save your license key to disk and make note of the path

  2. Open a terminal

  3. Ensure you are logged into your Coder deployment

    coder login <access url>

  4. Run

    coder licenses add -f <path to your license key>

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