Workspace providers allow a single Coder deployment to provision and manage workspaces across multiple Kubernetes clusters and namespaces, including those located in other geographies, regions, or clouds.

Satellites are Coder deployments that are used as access points to workspaces provisioned in a multi-region pattern. Satellites reduce latency for developers by acting as local proxies to the workspaces, keeping traffic from the developer's machine to the workspaces within the same region instead of requiring the traffic to cross regions back to the primary Coder deployment.

Satellites act as a secure reverse proxy to both Coder workspaces and the primary Coder deployment. Traffic meant for workspaces, such as web and SSH connections, are sent directly to the workspaces, while all other traffic is routed to the primary Coder deployment.


Coder users connect to the satellite deployment that's geographically closest to them instead of to the primary deployment, gaining the benefits of local proxying.

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