Coder offers both enterprise and open-source (code-server) solutions to meet the needs of the software community. Both solutions enable cloud-based software development delivered through the browser. The key differences pertain to development operations and cloud resources.

Used byOrganizations & teamsIndividuals
Hosted onKubernetesAny machine
Cloud managementResources automatically scale; each organization defines quotas and limitsNone
Project managementWorkspaces encapsulate a project's code, configurations, dependencies and toolingCode-only
Administration & securityRole-based permission system, audit logs, single sign-onSelf-administered
DeliveryBrowser, progressive web app
Maximum number of usersVariableN/A - one connection allowed
Usage term lengthVariableSee license
Air-gapped deploymentOptionalOptional

To get a free trial of Coder, please visit

Note: Coder cannot be deployed to an air-gapped network during the free trial period.

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