Coder hooks into public and private Docker Registries to pull images and manage image metadata.

You must be a site manager to add a registry or remove registries that aren't in use.

Adding a registry

You can add registries during the process of adding images.

To import an image:

  1. Go to Images > Import Image in the upper-right.
  2. In the dialog that opens, you'll be prompted to pick a registry by default. However, to add a registry, click Add a new registry, which is the option located immediately below the registry selector.
  3. You'll be asked to provide a registry name and the registry.
  4. Optional. If your registry is a private registry or you want to avoid hitting rate limits, provide the username and password combination required to access the registry.
  5. Continue with the process of adding your image.
  6. When done, click Import.

Deleting a registry

You cannot delete a registry if there are workspaces using images from that registry.

To delete a registry:

  1. Go to the Images > Registries page.
  2. Find the registry that you'd like to remove, click its horizontal ellipsis icon, and select Delete.

Unsupported registries

Coder does not support the following registries at this time:

  • Amazon ECR
  • GitHub Packages
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