This guide helps you understand how Coder's hosted beta offering works and how you can access your deployment to get started.

What is Coder's hosted beta offering?

The hosted beta offering is a hybrid cloud offering of Coder's self-hosted platform. Coder hosts the control plane, while you host your compute and development workspaces. The benefits of this setup include:

  • Automatic upgrades
  • No DNS or TLS configuration
  • Managed logging and monitoring

If you are interested in trying the hosted beta, contact us.

How the hosted beta works

Curious how the hosted beta works? Here's a breakdown of the underlying architecture.

Hosted beta infrastructure

Coder infrastructure

  • The coderd service: responsible for rendering the dashboard UI, provisioning workspaces, user authentication, and many more functions.
    • Your coderd instance is not shared across other Coder accounts. Each deployment has its own coderd instance.
  • A PostgreSQL database: stores metadata related to your Coder instance, such as user information, session tokens, etc.

Your infrastructure

  • A Kubernetes cluster: hosts your Coder workspaces, as well as your source code (your source code is stored on Persistent Volumes mounted to each workspace pod)

coderd connects to your infrastructure via a service account created in your cluster, enabling you to create workspaces.

Accessing your Coder hosted beta

  1. Navigate to your deployment URL (e.g., <your-name>

  2. Log in with the email address you provided to Coder the password Coder provided you.

  3. Once you've logged in, you'll be prompted to change your temporary password.

You're in! At this point, you'll need to create a Kubernetes cluster (if you don't already have one you'd like to use with Coder) and connect the cluster to Coder before you can create workspaces.

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