Breaking changes ❗

  • infra: Coder now requires the use of Kubernetes v1.20 or later. See Coder's version support policy for more information.

Features ✨

  • web: (alpha) added support for Azure Container Registry authentication using Azure Active Directory Pod Identity.
  • web: added ability to set access URLs for individual workspace providers.
  • web: added ability to enable fallback shell support.
  • web: added ability to use Markdown syntax when customizing system and service banners. Note that Coder will now render existing banners with Markdown content.
  • web: improved error catching in build logs.
  • web: updated Images > Workspaces to display the specific tag used.
  • web: added functionality where Coder stores the CMD from the Docker image when imported/refreshing image tags so that users on OpenShift can use a default shell.
  • web: added ability to set a constant suffix for all dev URLs (e.g., *
  • web: updated error chips in the UI to display error messages in a tooltip.
  • web: made the dark theme generally available under Preferences > Appearance (users who have enabled the beta version via feature flag will need to re-enable this; Coder won't auto-apply the theme).
  • cli: CLI now displays connection status and protocol used, even outside of debug mode.
  • cli: added support for UDP tunneling.
  • jetbrains: fixed Projector so that new editor windows open and fill the browser window.
  • jetbrains: updated Projector client and server to 1.5.0.
  • infra: updated nice values for OpenSSH connections to prevent disconnection during times of high CPU usage.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed issue with dev URLs and Open in Coder buttons not redirecting users appropriately based on their authentication status.
  • web: fixed rendering issues present in the Coder UI when using the dark theme.
  • web: fixed issue with build log hanging in Safari 15.1.
  • web: added validation to prevent the use of dev URLs with subdomains with more than 63 characters.
  • web: added username validation to the user-creation process.
  • cli: fixed issue with auto-generated ControlPath values being too lengthy.
  • infra: updated coderd to start HTTPS server even if no TLS certificates are specified.
  • infra: fixed issue where coderd was unable to communicate with CVM-enabled workspaces.
  • infra: fixed issue where nodeSelector annotation cannot be updated.
  • infra: fixed cached CVMs to use the correct IP address for /etc/hosts in the pod's inner container, allowing the use of the container name as the application host.
  • C4D: fixed issue with Coder for Docker workspaces not having the default personalize script.
  • C4D: added ability for Coder for Docker workspaces to use workspace templates.
  • C4D: fixed issues with SSH connections to/from the Coder CLI.

Security updates 🔐

  • infra: removed CORS headers from coderd.
  • infra: removed sensitive fields from admin-only workspace providers query endpoints.

Known issues 🔧

  • web: the service banner (if enabled) reappears for all users, even if they've previously dismissed it.
  • web: using the web terminal in Coder can occasionally result in the connection being reset and needing to be restarted.
  • web: the Switch workspace drop-down menu shows a workspace's status as Building even though the build process is completed.
  • web: users installing v1.24 (or later) into an air-gapped environment cannot upload their license when prompted.
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