Coder maintains records of all user actions on system resources for auditing purposes.

Any user who is a Site Manager or an Auditor can log into Coder, go to Manage > Audit, and view the Audit Logs.

By default, this page displays a chronological list of all actions taken on the system.

Audit logs

You can filter the logs displayed using the search filters available at the top:

  • Resource Type: The resource on which the action is taken (e.g., image, workspace, user)
  • Action: The action that the user took against a resource (e.g., read, write, create)
  • Resource Target: The friendly name for the resource (e.g., the user with the email address [email protected])
  • User: The user who performs the action


The audit logs capture information about the following actions (those who export Coder logs will see this information under message.fields.audit_log.action):

When reviewing Coder's audit logs, specifically, you will see the following actions included:

  • auto_off: Coder automatically turned off a workspace due to inactivity
  • auto_start: Coder automatically turned on a workspace at the time preset by its owner
  • connect: a user connected to an existing workspace via a local VS Code instance, a JetBrains IDE via JetBrains Gateway, a local terminal ssh connection, or a local terminal connection via the Coder CLI's coder ssh command
  • cordon: a workspace provider became unavailable for new workspace creation requests.
  • create: the user created a Coder entity (e.g., dev URL, image/image tag, workspace, etc.)
  • delete: a user deleted a Coder entity (e.g., workspace or image)
  • enqueue: a user added a new job to the queue (e.g., workspace build, user deletion, workspace deletion)
  • login: a user logs in via basic authentication or OIDC, with Coder exchanging a token as a result
  • open: a user opened a workspace using the Code Web IDE through the browser (please note that this action is not yet logged for JetBrains IDEs)
  • ssh: a user opened a web terminal to access Coder
  • stop: a user manually stopped a workspace
  • uncordon: a workspace provider became available for new workspace creation requests.
  • view: the Coder CLI used a secret
  • write: the user made a change to a Coder entity (e.g., workspace, user, resource pool, etc.)
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