Do you have a feature request or an idea for how we can improve our product? Is something not working as expected? We want to hear from you!

Making a suggestion

Check our roadmap to see if the suggested feature exists. You can vote for features and provide more detailed suggestions.

If you can't find the feature, select Submit Idea then fill out the form with the details of your suggestion.

We collect your email so that you will be notified when the feature is updated.

Coder roadmap

Reporting a problem

If you experience a problem or encounter unexpected behavior, send a detailed report using the guidelines below to [email protected]. If the application crashes, Coder generates a report for you. Copy the report and include it with your message.

Coder error report

Writing a detailed report

Writing a detailed report improves our ability to address any issues you see or concerns that you may have. We suggest including the following information when writing your report:

**Steps to reproduce:**

1. Step 1
2. Step 2
3. Step 3


Describe what you expected to happen


Describe what happened

**System information:**

- Operating System:
- Browser:
- Console logs:

We welcome any additional information that you think may be helpful.

Coder version information

One critical piece of information you could provide is the version number of your deployment. This information is available at the bottom of most pages in the Coder UI.

Version information

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