Coder offers Terraform modules that help you deploy Coder faster.

Currently, we offer a single-command deployment of Coder to Google Cloud Platform. We will add support for additional cloud providers in the future.

Deploying Coder to Google Cloud Platform

Before proceeding, please make sure that you have both Terraform and Terragrunt installed.

  1. Copy the GKE example to the location of your choice (we recommend version controlling the entire folder).

  2. Create a cloud DNS zone containing your desired hostname. This must be in the same GCP project where you will deploy Coder.

  3. Update the terragrunt.hcl file that's included in the root of your example folder. The terragrunt.hcl file contains notes that will guide you through customization options available. When done, you can view the changes you proposed running:

    terragrunt run-all plan

    If you run the above command and it fails, you may have misconfigured one or more of the variables required. The output will direct you to the problematic areas.

  4. Deploy Coder by running:

    terragrunt run-all apply

    If the apply command succeeds, you will be able to access Coder at the hostname you provided. Log in with admin as the username and the password that you're provided.

Tear down

To tear down your Coder deployment, run:

terragrunt run-all destroy
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