JetBrains requires a valid license to evaluate or use a JetBrains IDE. When running a JetBrains IDE in a browser, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Click the JetBrains IDE icon in your Coder workspace
  2. Click the "Log In to JetBrains Account" button
  3. Since your IDE is in the web browser, click the "Troubles" link to use an alternate login method
  4. Click the "copy" link, open a new browser window and paste the link
  5. Log into JetBrains with your valid JetBrains credentials to get an IDE authentication token
  6. Click "Copy token" to copy your IDE authentication token
  7. Paste the token back into your JetBrains IDE window
  8. Start using JetBrains

Launch the JetBrains IDE in a browser

Launch the JetBrains IDE in the browser from the workspaces page by clicking the JetBrains IDE icon. This example uses the JetBrains PhpStorm IDE.

Launch a JetBrains IDE

Log into your JetBrains account

Click the Log In to JetBrains Account button. You need a valid JetBrains account to proceed for both a trial and a paid license.

Log into your Jetbrains account

Because you already are in a browser, a new browser window cannot open. Click the Troubles link to proceed.

Click the troubles link

Click the copy link, open a new browser window, and paste the copied link to go to the JetBrains website to log in.

Click the copy link

Login with your JetBrains account

At the JetBrains website, login with your valid JetBrains account to get the IDE authentication token.

Login with your NetBrains account

Click Copy token

Click the Copy token link to copy the IDE authentication token to your clipboard.

Click Copy token

Paste the IDE authentication token

Paste the IDE authentication token back into your already opened JetBrains IDE window. If on a Mac, you must type CMD + v followed by Control + v for the paste operation to work correctly.

Paste the token

Start using JetBrains

You can now use the JetBrains IDE in a browser.

Use JetBrains

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