Before accessing your workspace via SSH:


You can access your workspaces via SSH by configuring your local machine as follows:

$ coder config-ssh

An auto-generated ssh config was written to "/Users/yourName/.ssh/config"
Your private ssh key was written to "/Users/yourName/.ssh/coder_enterprise"
You should now be able to ssh into your workspace
For example, try running
    $ ssh coder.backend

Your workspace is now accessible via ssh coder.<workspace_name> (e.g., ssh coder.myEnv if your workspace is named myEnv).


You will need to rerun the coder config-ssh command if:

  • You reconfigure or modify your keypair using the Coder dashboard
  • You add additional workspaces (running this command will ensure that your ~/.ssh/config file populates correctly with alias targets)

Using SFTP

Coder supports the use of the SFTP protocol. To connect to a workspace using SFTP, run sftp coder.<workspace_name>.

Using rsync

You can use rsync to transfer files to and from Coder.

To do so, use the flag -e "coder ssh" in your rsync transfer invocation. For example, the following shows how you can transfer your home directory to your workspace:

rsync -e "coder ssh" -a --progress ~/. my-env:~

Forwarding dev URLs

To access your server via SSH port forwarding:

  1. Create a dev URL
  2. Run coder config-ssh using the Coder CLI

Once done, you can configure the dev URL port using:

ssh -L [localport]:localhost:[remoteport] coder.[workspace]

localport is the port you want to use on your local machine (e.g., localhost:3000), and remoteport matches the port of your dev URL.

After SSH port forwarding is configured, you can access the dev URL (e.g., http://localhost:3000) in a browser.

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