Coder is deployed on Kubernetes and includes the following components:

  • coderd: the central authority; provides authentication and supports the Dashboard and an API which you can use to create and interact with Workspaces
  • PostgreSQL: data storage for session tokens, workspace information, etc.
  • coder agent: a program running in each workspace that connects to coderd and handles tunnelled connections, collection of workspace statistics (such as processor and memory utilization), and manages programs, such as editors.

Each component runs in its own Kubernetes pod.


Deployment options

There are two ways to deploy Coder:

  1. The default installation, which is a non-air-gapped option, using the Kubernetes provider of your choice; you should be able to access Coder resources from this workspace freely
  2. A secured, air-gapped option; you can choose to limit access and deploy Coder by first pulling in all of the required resources, or you can choose to whitelist the URLs/IP addresses needed to access Coder resources

Coder's trial license does not work in an air-gapped environment. If your organization is interested in evaluating Coder air-gapped, please contact [email protected] to discuss license requirements.

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