The User Preferences area of the Coder UI allows you to manage your account.

To access User Preferences, click on your avatar in the top-right, then click on either Account or your avatar in the drop-down menu.


The Account tab allows you to provide or change:

  • Your avatar
  • Your display name
  • Email address
  • Username (this is the value that Coder uses throughout the platform, including dev URLs and the CLI's SSH configuration)
  • Shell (this is the command Coder runs when starting a terminal)
  • Your dotfiles URI to personalize your workspaces


To use Coder's dark theme, enable it by selecting Dark Theme. Coder uses its light theme by default.


The Security tab allows you to change your password if you log in using built-in authentication (that is, you log in by providing an email/password combination).

You cannot change the passwords for accounts authenticated via Open ID Connect using the Coder platform. However, your password may be changeable within your organization's account management system. See your system administrator for more information.

SSH keys

The SSH Keys page is where you'll find the public SSH key corresponding to the private key that Coder inserts automatically into your workspaces. The public key is useful for services, such as Git, Azure Repos, Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab, that you need to access from your workspace.

If necessary, you can regenerate your key. Be sure to provide your updated key to all of the services you use. Otherwise, they won't work.

Linked accounts

The Linked Accounts tab allows you to automatically provide your Coder SSH public key to the Git service of your choice. You can then perform the Git actions in your Coder workspace and interact with the service (e.g., push changes). Your administrator must configure OAuth for this feature to work.

During the linked account process, Coder sends requests directly from your local machine's web browser to your Git provider. If your organization requires additional authentication (e.g., VPN), you must start this process before linking your accounts.

Note that linking your accounts is a one-time process, typically during onboarding. Future Git actions within Coder will operate within the Coder deployment's network, not the local machine.


You can choose the WebRTC protocol used when connecting to your workspace from the Coder CLI:

  • Auto (default): uses STUN and falls back to TURN if it's unable to establish a peer-to-peer connection
  • TURN: establishes a connection using an intermediary relay server
  • STUN: establishes a peer-to-peer connection


Auto-start allows you to set the time when Coder automatically starts and builds your workspaces. See auto-start for more information.

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