Breaking changes ❗

There are no breaking changes in 1.35.0.

Features ✨

  • infra: Coder now supports reading the database password from a file (specified by environment variable DB_PASSWORD_PATH) instead of directly from an environment variable. This is configurable via the Helm option postgres.noPasswordEnv.
  • infra: Workspace templates now allow specifying seccomp profiles for workspace pods.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: Fixed an issue where non-Admin users were unable to create "Open in Coder" buttons.
  • web: Fixed broken links in the offline docs.
  • web: Added a workaround for an issue in Projector where the IDE would crash when running a unit test (IDEA-300226).
  • web: Fixed an issue where custom font glyphs were not being rendered correctly in the web terminal.
  • web: coderd now automatically reloads TLS certificates without a restart.
  • web: fixed an issue blocking the usage of Server-Sent Events (SSE).
  • infra: Improved connection caching logic.
  • infra: Fixed an issue where building multiple workspaces in parallel would result in excessive queuing.
  • infra: Improved logging of workspace builds and websocket connection errors.

Security updates 🔐

There are no security updates in 1.35.

Notes ℹī¸

  • Our bundled version of JetBrains Projector is now built with JDK 17 to match the version used by more recent Jetbrains IDEs.
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