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coder workspaces create

coder workspaces create

create a new workspace.


Create a new Coder workspace.

coder workspaces create [workspace_name] [flags]


# create a new workspace using default resource amounts
coder workspaces create my-new-workspace --image ubuntu
coder workspaces create my-new-powerful-workspace --cpu 12 --disk 100 --memory 16 --image ubuntu


      --container-based-vm   deploy the workspace as a Container-based VM
  -c, --cpu float32          number of cpu cores the workspace should be provisioned with.
  -d, --disk int             GB of disk storage a workspace should be provisioned with.
      --enable-autostart     automatically start this workspace at your preferred time.
      --follow               follow buildlog after initiating rebuild
  -g, --gpus int             number GPUs a workspace should be provisioned with.
  -h, --help                 help for create
  -i, --image string         name of the image to base the workspace off of.
  -m, --memory float32       GB of RAM a workspace should be provisioned with.
  -o, --org string           name of the organization the workspace should be created under.
      --provider string      name of Workspace Provider with which to create the workspace
  -t, --tag string           tag of the image the workspace will be based off of. (default "latest")
      --user string          Specify the user whose resources to target. This flag can only be used by admins and managers. Input an email or user id. (default "me")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   show verbose output


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