Enterprise Features

Coder is free to use and includes some features that are only accessible with a paid license. Contact Sales for pricing or get a free trial.

CategoryFeatureOpen SourceEnterprise
User ManagementGroups
User ManagementGroup & role sync
User ManagementSCIM
GovernanceAudit Logging
GovernanceBrowser Only Connections
GovernanceTemplate Access Control
Cost ControlQuotas
Cost ControlMax Workspace Autostop
DeploymentHigh Availability
DeploymentMultiple Git Providers
DeploymentIsolated Terraform Runners
DeploymentWorkspace Proxies

Adding your license key

There are two ways to add an enterprise license to a Coder deployment: In the Coder UI or with the Coder CLI.

Coder UI

Click Deployment, Licenses, Add a license then drag or select the license file with the jwt extension.

Add License UI

Coder CLI


  • Your license key
  • Coder CLI installed


  1. Save your license key to disk and make note of the path

  2. Open a terminal

  3. Ensure you are logged into your Coder deployment

    coder login <access url>

  4. Run

    coder licenses add -f <path to your license key>

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