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While the cloud has dramatically changed the world of production software, its impact on the developer's inner loop—the process of writing code—is both vast and unrealized. Coder is committed to rethinking the development environment for the cloud age following the tenets outlined here.

1. Ride the cloud wave

The cloud titans—AWS, GCP, and Azure—continuously release state of the art compute at lower and lower costs. By moving development environments to the cloud, we free developers from the limitations of laptops and desktops, massively accelerating builds, tests, and analyses. No more evident are these benefits than in AI/ML workloads, where we have improved iteration speeds by up to 10x.

Ride the Cloud Wave

2. Think UNIX

We open source as much as possible, including our proprietary code. Our tools are meant to integrate with others, and we only build new features when such functionality is not achievable by composition. Every new features starts in our CLI, and our output is meant to be consumed by humans and machines alike. We do not know the best way to make development environments at every organization—our software is a path, not a destination.

Think UNIX

3. Just work

Our tools fit gently into existing systems and are highly compatible with the diverse, ever-changing world of enterprise software. We ship single, self-contained binaries that run on all types of hardware, operating systems, and network environments. Our software is both magical and unsurprising. It horizontally scales, clearly communicates what it's doing, and self-heals when things go wrong.

Just work

Next Steps

Say goodbye to hardware limitations and hello to accelerated code execution and increased productivity. Empower your organization to innovate at lightning speed and stay ahead of the competition.