Discover how Dropbox streamlined dev environments & cut costs by switching 1000 developers to Coder

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Why Choose Coder?

Use Coder's Cloud Development Environment to deploy your enterprise development environments with Velocity, Efficiency, and Stability

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  • Developers stay in flow, spend time coding, not maintaining their OS.
  • Multiple projects? Multiple workspaces! No need to reconfigure your build environment when switching back and forth between projects. Any infra any time.
  • Consistent tooling, consistent builds, less time debugging, more time in Flow.
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  • One-click workspace creation, resource separation, no CPU/Mem contention as with shared environment.
  • Runs in your cloud or on-prem. Delegate template maintenance to dev teams and empower devs with self-serve workspace creation.
  • Deploy the latest tooling in homogeneous build environments.
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  • New hires are productive on day one.
  • Cheap local hardware, any laptop is a power house with Coder. Scale infrastructure to workloads. Automatically stop and clean up idle workspaces.
  • You control the infrastructure and storage. Great for operational flexibility and absolutely key for regulated and high-security deployments.