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Release Recap: 2.12.0 Is Here and It’s 5X Faster

Check out what's new in this month's Coder release
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Matt Vollmer
 on June 4th, 2024
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Version 2.12.0 has landed, and we’re excited to share that its throughput is 5X faster than previous Coder versions. We’ll deep dive into the details of these major throughput improvements with Coder Principal Engineer, Spike Curtis.

This release also introduces several new features, such as support for multiple announcement banners, more visibility into IDE usage patterns, and the ability for developers to provision Workspaces in the environment of their choice.

How We Achieved 5X Faster Throughput in 2.12.0

Since version 2.9.0, we've made several improvements to our networking layer, culminating in remarkable performance gains in 2.12.0. You’ll immediately notice faster file transfers to and from your Coder Workspaces, more stable connections with less initial stutter, and a smoother experience when testing resource-heavy applications.

Our latest improvements include resizing TCP buffers for high-throughput connections, implementing the HyStart algorithm to manage initial traffic bursts, and reworking the TCP stack and encryption connection to minimize packet loss. These changes have unlocked phenomenal performance improvements, enhancing an already fast remote development experience.

Take a peek behind the scenes with Coder Principal Engineer, Spike Curtis, to learn more about how we achieved this networking feat.

Other Updates in 2.12.0

Display Multiple Announcement Banners in Coders

With 2.12.0, Coder Enterprise admins can simultaneously display multiple announcement banners to developers in the Coder UI. Customize the messaging and colors to ensure important updates are always visible to every user of your Coder deployment. You can easily manage announcement banners within Coder’s admin dashboard or via API to inform everyone about service changes, upgrades, and new feature rollouts.

Enable Developers to Provision Workspaces in Their Preferred Environments

We’ve added a new parameter that allows developers to choose the environment their Workspace runs in, whether it's different regions, clouds, or hostnames. This is ideal for scenarios like multiregion/multicloud deployments and running Workspaces on VMs or local laptops. With a zero-trust approach, Template Admins can maintain a single Template while developers have the flexibility to select their ideal Workspace environment.

Measure Unique IDE and App Sessions

In addition to the total hours each IDE or app is used, Coder now tracks the number of unique sessions that last more than 30 minutes for each coder_app resource. This helps you monitor IDE and app usage more effectively by showing which are used multiple times during your chosen reporting window.

Currently, Coder tracks only IDEs and apps explicitly defined as coder_app in your Template’s Terraform file.

Bug Fixes

We release bug fixes and patches as needed throughout the month. Check out Coder releases on GitHub for full details on the latest patches.

Find a bug? Tag it here to let us know.

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