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Seamless Security with Artifactory and Coder

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Ammar Bandukwala
 on September 27th, 2023
Updated on November 13th, 2023

JFrog Artifactory is a tool for securing and distributing binary artifacts. It’s used by the world’s largest enterprises to vet external dependencies as they enter development environments and vet internal builds as they move from dev to staging to production.

List of repository types supported by Artifactory.

Through the expressiveness of Coder Templates, platform teams can now ensure that all development dependencies originate from Artifactory. You can find a full example template here and nitty-gritty details on how to set up the integration here.

Broadly, the integration involves setting up Artifactory repositories for each type of secured dependency:

Then, using Coder Templates with the Artifactory to automatically provision a scoped token for each workspace:

Next, configure package managers in the coder_agent ’s script:

Then, push the template up to Coder and developers have an experience whereby the workspaces they create automatically pull dependencies from Artifactory:

And done. Developers now have an environment where they can securely install dependencies using standard methods. This is a prime example of Coder’s vision of making secure development transparent and painless.

VS Code Extensions

IDE extensions are an emerging threat to development environments. There are few resources for running private extension registries due to their proprietary nature. As an aside to our development of code-server, we released code-marketplace so that teams can run internal (even air-gapped) marketplaces.

code-marketplace has first-class support for Artifactory, and we’ve seen good adoption of the tool in the enterprise.

In Closing

The integration between JFrog Artifactory and Coder represents a significant advancement in secure and efficient software development. By leveraging Artifactory's capabilities for binary artifact management along with Coder's automated workspace provisioning, development teams can establish a secure, streamlined workflow.

To learn more about our integration, check out Jfrog’s Co-founder and CTO, Yoav Landman showcasing how effortlessly Coder integrates with Jfrog in just a single click.

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