What's New in September 2022

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Ammar Bandukwala
 on October 4th, 2022
Updated on June 1st, 2023

September was a busy month for us. Find a detailed changelog in our GitHub.

Port Forward from Dashboard

You can now access web applications running within your workspace through the dashboard. Go to the workspace page, enter the port, press "Open URL", and the Coder will launch you into your application. See the docs for more info.

Activity-Based Auto Stop

Gone are the days of your workspace shutting down while banging out code.

Now, when we detect workspace connection activity, we bump the auto-stop timer an hour. IDE, SSH, Port Forwarding, and app activity trigger this bump.

Workspace Quotas

This feature is available in our Enterprise Edition.

Admins may define quotas at the deployment level to protect against Denial-of-Service, control costs, and ensure equitable access to cloud resources.

Last Seen At

The Users page now shows when each user was last online. This information helps admins minimize cloud costs and measure internal Coder engagement.

Audit Logs

Enterprise deployments now track all user operations. Auditors can review these operations through the dashboard or the CLI. Learn more in our docs.

Notable mentions

  • Admins can now create workspaces on behalf of other users
  • The Workspace page will show Apps in a loading state until they come online
  • A bunch of connection stability improvements
    • We have completed our transition to Tailscale/WireGuard-based networking

Next steps

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