Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding lets developers securely access processes on their Coder workspace from a local machine. A common use case is testing web applications in a browser.

There are three ways to forward ports in Coder:

  • The coder port-forward command
  • Dashboard
  • SSH

The coder port-forward command is generally more performant.

coder port-forward

Forward the remote TCP port 8080 to local port 8000 like so:

coder port-forward myworkspace --tcp 8000:8080

For more examples, see coder port-forward --help.


To enable port forwarding via the dashboard, Coder must be configured with a wildcard access URL.

Use the "Port forward" button in the dashboard to access ports running on your workspace.

Port forwarding in the UI


First, configure SSH on your local machine. Then, use ssh to forward like so:

ssh -L 8080:localhost:8000 coder.myworkspace

You can read more on SSH port forwarding here.

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