Working with templates

Working with templates

You create and edit Coder templates as Terraform configuration files (.tf) and any supporting files, like a README or configuration files for other services.

Who creates templates?

The Template Admin role (and above) can create templates. End users, like developers, create workspaces from them.

Templates can also be managed with git, allowing any developer to propose changes to a template.

You can give different users and groups access to templates with role-based access control.

Starter templates

We provide starter templates for common cloud providers, like AWS, and orchestrators, like Kubernetes. From there, you can modify them to use your own images, VPC, cloud credentials, and so on. Coder supports all Terraform resources and properties, so fear not if your favorite cloud provider isn't here!

Starter templates

If you prefer to use Coder on the command line, use coder templates init.

Coder starter templates are also available on our GitHub repo.

Community Templates

As well as Coder's starter templates, you can see a list of community templates by our users here.

Editing templates

Our starter templates are meant to be modified for your use cases. You can edit any template's files directly in the Coder dashboard.

Editing a template

If you'd prefer to use the CLI, use coder templates pull, edit the template files, then coder templates push.

Even if you are a Terraform expert, we suggest reading our guided tour.

Updating templates

Coder tracks a template's versions, keeping all developer workspaces up-to-date. When you publish a new version, developers are notified to get the latest infrastructure, software, or security patches. Learn more about change management.

Updating a template

Delete templates

You can delete a template using both the coder CLI and UI. Only template admins and owners can delete a template, and the template must not have any running workspaces associated to it.

In the UI, navigate to the template you want to delete, and select the dropdown in the right-hand corner of the page to delete the template.


Using the CLI, login to Coder and run the following command to delete a template:

coder templates delete <template-name>

Delete workspaces

When a workspace is deleted, the Coder server essentially runs a terraform destroy to remove all resources associated with the workspace.

Terraform's prevent-destroy and ignore-changes meta-arguments can be used to prevent accidental data loss.

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