By default the Coder workspace boot sequence occurs remotely -- Coder uploads assets (including the Coder agent, code-server, and JetBrains Projector) from coderd to a workspace.

However, Coder offers the option of using self-contained workspace builds. Enabling this option changes the Coder deployment so that workspaces control the boot sequence internally, with the workspace downloading assets from coderd.

At this time, Coder does not support certificate injection with self-contained workspace builds.

To enable self-contained workspace builds:

  1. Log into Coder.
  2. Go to Manage > Admin.
  3. On the Infrastructure page, scroll down to Workspace container runtime.
  4. Under Enable self-contained workspace builds, flip the toggle to On.
  5. Click Save workspaces.

Build errors are typically more verbose for remote builds than with self-contained builds.

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