This article will walk you through the steps needed to set up, deploy, and configure Coder so that your developers are ready create their workspaces and begin working on their projects.

Set up and deploy Coder

To get started with Coder, you will need to:

  1. Create a Kubernetes cluster

  2. Install Coder via Helm

Alternatively, Coder for Docker allows you to deploy Coder quickly to machines where you have Docker installed. We recommend this option for teams with 5-10 developers.

Configure Coder

Once you've deployed Coder, you'll need to log in and perform the following configuration steps:

  1. Upload your license file (you can get a trial license for free here)

  2. Set up access controls with OpenID Connect (OIDC) if you'd like to allow users to register themselves

  3. Create organizations to manage your user groups

  4. Create an OAuth app for your users to connect to your Git provider

  5. Add a container registry for your development environments to pull from

  6. Import an image with the tools your developers need. You can create custom images for your developer workspaces as well.

Provision users

To allow developers to access your Coder deployment, you can manually create and invite users, or you can set up OpenID Connect (OIDC):

If you are using another Identity Provider (IdP), the process should be very similar.

With OIDC configured, Coder will automatically create a user and add them to the default organization when a developer logs in for the first time.


You can use the Coder command-line (CLI) tool to interact with Coder, as well as the public API to automate various tasks through code.

Maintain and upgrade

Coder releases upgrades on the third Wednesday of each month, with patch releases published and available as needed.

Coder maintains a public changelog and release calendar to keep you updated on features, bug fixes, security updates, and breaking changes that are coming.

Interact with Support

Coder’s standard support is included with your license. You can reach us at [email protected], and one of our engineers will be able to assist. Please include any relevant logs, error messages, or screenshots.

Coder also has a public community Slack you can join if you’d like.

Finally, Coder offers premium support through Coder Escalation Services, which provides a faster response Service-Level Agreement (SLA). Speak to your account executive if you’re interested in this option.

Additional information

We encourage you to look through the various Guides in our public documentation, as it contains more detailed information on specific use cases and topics.

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