Coder is deployed on Kubernetes and includes the following components:

  • coderd: the central authority; provides authentication and supports the Dashboard and an API which you can use to create and interact with Workspaces
  • PostgreSQL: data storage for session tokens, workspace information, etc.

Each component runs in its own Kubernetes pod.


Deployment options

There are two ways to deploy Coder:

  1. The default installation, which is a non-air-gapped option, using the Kubernetes provider of your choice; you should be able to access Coder resources from this workspace freely
  2. A secured, air-gapped option; you can choose to limit access and deploy Coder by first pulling in all of the required resources, or you can choose to whitelist the URLs/IP addresses needed to access Coder resources

Coder cannot be deployed in an air-gapped workspace when using the free license tier. If you need to deploy an air-gapped Coder instance, please contact our sales department to see about purchasing licenses.

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