Breaking changes ❗

  • infra: Workspace statistics were previously stored in a table environment_stats. This table is removed in this release. Downgrading from this version to an older version may require manual steps.
  • infra: The default CVM internal network was changed to If you experience issues connecting to workspaces after this change, you can override this setting on the workspace provider.

Features ✨

  • infra: The database schema name used by Coder can now be changed by setting the DB_SEARCH_STRING environment variable.
  • web: The list of organization workspaces is now paginated.
  • infra: The internal bridge network used by CVMs can now be configured under the workspace provider settings page.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • infra: Fixed an issue where workspace builds would fail due to a missing podSecurityContext.
  • infra: Fixed an issue where CVMs would not have the correct hostname set.
  • web: Fixed an issue where organizations were not sorted alphabetically in the UI.
  • web: Improved error messaging when importing an image fails.
  • web: Fixed an issue where changing settings under Admin would not show up correctly in audit logs.
  • infra: Fixed an issue where Coder services would incorrectly leave out client TLS credentials when communicating with GitLab.
  • infra: Fixed a memory leak that occurs when attempting to update an image with invalid stored credentials.
  • infra: Coder will now propagate its http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy environment variables when building workspaces. This fixes issues when building CVM-enabled workspaces where the workspace image must be accessed through a HTTP proxy.

Security updates 🔐

  • infra: Updates code-server to 4.8.3 which includes Visual Studio Code version 1.72.1. This mitigates CVE-2022-36067.
  • infra: Fixed an issue where ordinary users could obtain admin-level credentials from the Coder API.
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