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Breaking changes ❗

  • The Bitbucket Server integration for version 7.20 and above now requires the REPO_ADMIN permission. See Git integration for more information. Users will need to re-link their Bitbucket Server account to Coder for this fix to take effect.

Features ✨

  • web: Added the ability to modify the default role for new users in an organization. The default role can be updated in the "Edit Organization" page.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: Fixed an issue where the autostart time was getting misinterpreted due to a timezone conversion.
  • web: Fixed some styling issues in the "Edit Organization" page.
  • infra: Fixed an issue where attempting to access a public Dev URL could result in a 500.
  • infra: Improved SSH PTY handling.
  • infra: Added cgroup-v2 support for setting CPU quota and period in envbox.
  • infra: Fixed an issue with the Bitbucket Server (v7.20+) integration where Coder would fail to fetch a workspace template with a 401 error.

Security updates 🔐

  • Updated code-server to 4.13.0 to fix some vulnerabilities in transitive dependencies (CVE-2023-30547, CVE-2023-29199, CVE-2023-29017).
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