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Breaking changes ❗

  • GitLab introduced a breaking change in version 14.3 where OAuth tokens without expiration are no longer supported. Users who have linked their Coder account to a GitLab instance version 14.3 or higher will need to un-link and re-link their account.

Features ✨

There are no new features in 1.44.0.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • infra: Fixes an issue where Coder would not update OAuth refresh tokens correctly (see Breaking Changes above).
  • infra: Improve some error messages when Git OAuth credentials are expired.

Security updates 🔐

  • Updated Red Hat Universal Base Image to version 8.8 to address some vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-35252, CVE-2022-36227, CVE-2022-43552, CVE-2023-27535).
  • Updated Go compiler to 1.20.5.
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