Breaking changes ❗

There are no breaking changes in 1.23.0.

Features ✨

  • Doctor: Doctor assesses a Kubernetes cluster to determine its readiness for Coder installation; if there are issues, Doctor provides information on why.
  • Terraform: Coder has released the first of a series of Terraform scripts to facilitate one-click Coder deployment.
  • web: added support for workspace applications; users can provide images with custom applications, instead of only using applications that have been built into the container image PATH.
  • web: added support for DataSpell.
  • web: improved input validation for dev URLs.
  • web: added ability to get access token returned by OIDC providers on login.
  • web: added usage statistics for individual workspaces to the Organizations section of the UI.
  • web: renamed "decommissioned" state to "deleting" when referring to the process of deleting a workspace and freeing up its resources.
  • web: added integrated live chat user so that hosted beta users can reach the Coder support team.
  • web: added in-product changelog.
  • web: added dark mode for the Coder UI.
  • web: added ability to provide a shell command to be run when starting a terminal in Coder.
  • web: updated default workspace resource allocation from 1 core and 1 GB of memory to 4 cores and 4 GB of memory.
  • web: updated audit log to include information about workspace stop actions.
  • web: added ability to specify the Kubernetes service account name when editing a workspace provider.
  • cli: added run coder update command; users can now update the Coder CLI directly.
  • api: added ability to use the Coder API to create workspaces.
  • infra: updated logging so that Coder will send an error to stdout if unable to write to the in-product audit log.
  • infra: add support for containerd for cached CVMs.
  • infra: updated Coder to use the latest stable version of JetBrains Projector.
  • infra: updated Next.js 10 to 11.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • web: fixed inconsistent color scheming in UI.
  • web: fixed issues related to the rendering of UI components.
  • web: fixed issues in the UI with longer strings of text.
  • web: updated build log to show elapsed time for the final step.
  • web: fixed issue with Coder networking agent hanging when certificates are missing.
  • web: fixed issue where STUN URI field in the admin panel could not be left empty.
  • web: fixed issue with session cookies not persisting in Safari.
  • web: fixed issue preventing users from signing out of Coder.
  • web: fixed intermittent workspace build and build log errors when using cached CVMs.
  • infra: fixed issue with SSH connections immediately closing when using cached CVMs.
  • infra: fixed issue with cached CVMs not having internet connectivity when network policies are enabled on GKE.
  • infra: fixed issue with cached CVMs not preserving environment variables passed from the image.
  • infra: consolidated requests sent when to get dev URL status, lessening server load.
  • infra: fixed issue with inability to delete workspace provider if its cluster has been deleted.

Security updates 🔐

  • api: the admin-only authentication API no longer returns the OIDC client secret.
  • infra: added X-Content-Type-Options to headers returned by Coder so that browsers avoid automatically detecting MIME types based on content.
  • infra: added CSP frame-ancestors directive to prevent click-jacking.
  • infra: reduced session cookie expiration time from seven days to twenty-four hours.
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