Coder for Docker
External database setup

External database setup

If you'd like to use an external database with your Coder for Docker deployment, you must:

  1. Disable the embedded database by setting the DB_EMBEDDED environment variable (see the next code snippet for an example)

  2. Provide the connection information to the external PostgreSQL database:

    docker run --rm -it -p 7080:7080 \
       -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
       -v ~/.coder:/var/run/coder \
       # Disable using the embedded DB
       -e DB_EMBEDDED="" \
       # Change these values to match those for your database
       -e DB_HOST= \
       -e DB_PORT=5432 \
       -e DB_USER=postgres \
       -e DB_PASSWORD="" \
       -e DB_NAME=postgres \
       -e DB_SSL_MODE=disable \

Coder supports client TLS certificates using DB_SSL_MODE=verify-full. Ensure that you mount the certs into the container (and add the flag -v <local_certs>:/certs). Then, specify the certificate path using environment variables:

Flag/environment variableDescription
-e DB_CERT=/certs/client.crtThe path to the client cert signed by the CA
-e DB_KEY=/certs/client.keyThe path to the client secret
-e DB_ROOT_CERT=/certs/myCA.crtThe path to the trusted CA cert
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