Application Logs

Application Logs

In Coderd, application logs refer to the records of events, messages, and activities generated by the application during its execution. These logs provide valuable information about the application's behavior, performance, and any issues that may have occurred.

Application logs include entries that capture events on different levels of severity:

  • Informational messages
  • Warnings
  • Errors
  • Debugging information

By analyzing application logs, system administrators can gain insights into the application's behavior, identify and diagnose problems, track performance metrics, and make informed decisions to improve the application's stability and efficiency.

Error logs

To ensure effective monitoring and timely response to critical events in the Coder application, it is recommended to configure log alerts that specifically watch for the following log entries:

Log LevelModuleLog messagePotential issues
ERRORcoderdworkspace build errorWorkspace owner is unable to start their workspace.
ERRORcoderd.autobuildworkspace build errorAutostart failed to initiate the workspace.
ERRORcoderd.provisionerd-<name>The provisioner job encounters issues importing the workspace template or building the workspace.
ERRORcoderd.userauthAuthentication problems, such as the inability of the workspace user to log in.
ERRORcoderd.prometheusmetricsThe metrics aggregator's queue is full, causing it to reject new metrics.
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