This article walks you through how to upgrade your Coder server.

Prior to upgrading a production Coder deployment, take a database snapshot since Coder does not support rollbacks.

To upgrade your Coder server, simply reinstall Coder using your original method of install.

Via install.sh

If you installed Coder using the install.sh script, re-run the below command on the host:

curl -L https://coder.com/install.sh | sh

The script will unpack the new coder binary version over the one currently installed. Next, you can restart Coder with the following commands (if running it as a system service):

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart coder

Via docker-compose

If you installed using docker-compose, run the below command to upgrade the Coder container:

docker-compose pull coder && docker-compose up -d coder

Via Kubernetes

See Upgrading Coder via Helm.

Via Windows

Download the latest Windows installer or binary from GitHub releases, or upgrade from Winget.

winget install Coder.Coder

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