You can install and run Coder using the official Docker images published on GitHub Container Registry.


Docker is required. See the official installation documentation.

Note that the below steps are only supported on a Linux distribution. If on macOS, please run Coder via the standalone binary.

Coder configuration is defined via environment variables. Learn more about Coder's configuration options.

Note: In order to use cloud-based templates (e.g. Kubernetes, AWS), you must have an external URL that users and workspaces will use to connect to Coder.

For proof-of-concept deployments, you can use Coder's tunnel.

For production deployments, we recommend setting an access URL

Note: Coder runs as a non-root user, we use --group-add to ensure Coder has permissions to manage Docker via docker.sock. If the host systems /var/run/docker.sock is not group writeable or does not belong to the docker group, the above may not work as-is.


Docker-based workspace is stuck in "Connecting..."

Ensure you have an externally-reachable CODER_ACCESS_URL set. See troubleshooting templates for more steps.

Permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket

See Docker's official documentation to Manage Docker as a non-root user

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