Coder releases are cut directly from main in our Github on the first Tuesday of each month.

We recommend enterprise customers test the compatibility of new releases with their infrastructure on a staging environment before upgrading a production deployment.

We support two release channels: mainline for the bleeding edge version of Coder and stable for those with lower tolerance for fault. We field our mainline releases publicly for one month before promoting them to stable.

Mainline releases

  • Intended for customers with a staging environment
  • Gives earliest access to new features
  • May include minor bugs
  • All bugfixes and security patches are supported

Stable releases

  • Safest upgrade/installation path
  • May not include the latest features
  • Security vulnerabilities and major bugfixes are supported

Note: We support major security vulnerabilities (CVEs) for the past three versions of Coder.

Installing stable

When installing Coder, we generally advise specifying the desired version from our Github releases page.

You can also use our script with the stable flag to install the latest stable release:

curl -fsSL | sh -s -- --stable

Best practices for installing Coder can be found on our install pages.

Release schedule

Release nameRelease DateStatus
2.7.xJanuary 01, 2024Not Supported
2.8.xFebruary 06, 2024Not Supported
2.9.xMarch 07, 2024Not Supported
2.10.xApril 03, 2024Security Support
2.11.xMay 07, 2024Stable
2.12.xJune 04, 2024Mainline
2.13.xJuly 02, 2024Not Released
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