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schedule stop

schedule stop

Edit workspace stop schedule


coder schedule stop <workspace-name> { <duration> | manual }


Schedules a workspace to stop after a given duration has elapsed.
  * Workspace runtime is measured from the time that the workspace build completed.
  * The minimum scheduled stop time is 1 minute.
  * The workspace template may place restrictions on the maximum shutdown time.
  * Changes to workspace schedules only take effect upon the next build of the workspace,
    and do not affect a running instance of a workspace.

When enabling scheduled stop, enter a duration in one of the following formats:
  * 3h2m (3 hours and two minutes)
  * 3h   (3 hours)
  * 2m   (2 minutes)
  * 2    (2 minutes)

 $ coder schedule stop my-workspace 2h30m
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