Triaging code-server issues is done with the following issue filter:

is:issue is:open no:project sort:created-asc -label:blocked -label:upstream -label:waiting-for-info -label:extension-request

This will show issues that:

  1. Are open.
  2. Have no assigned project.
  3. Are not blocked or tagged for work by upstream (the VS Code core team). If an upstream issue is detrimental to the code-server experience we may fix it in our patch instead of waiting for the VS Code team to fix it. Someone should periodically go through these issues to see if they can be unblocked!
  4. Are not labeled waiting-for-info.
  5. Are not extension requests.

Triage process

  1. If an issue is a question/discussion, it should be converted into a GitHub discussion.
  2. Otherwise, give the issue the appropriate labels (feel free to create new ones if necessary). There are no hard and set rules for labels. We don't have many so look through and see how they've been used throughout the repository. They all also have descriptions.
  3. If more information is required, please ask the submitter and tag as waiting-for-info and wait.
  4. Finally, the issue should be moved into the code-server project where we pick out issues to fix and track their progress.

We also use milestones to track what issues are planned/or were closed for what release.

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