Remote Desktops

Remote Desktops

Built-in remote desktop is on the roadmap (#2106).

VNC Desktop

The common way to use remote desktops with Coder is through VNC.

VNC Desktop in Coder

Workspace requirements:

Installation instructions vary depending on your workspace's operating system, platform, and build system.

As a starting point, see the desktop-container community template. It builds and provisions a Dockerized workspace with the following software:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • TigerVNC server
  • noVNC client
  • XFCE Desktop

RDP Desktop

To use RDP with Coder, you'll need to install an RDP client on your local machine, and enable RDP on your workspace.

Use the following command to forward the RDP port to your local machine:

coder port-forward <workspace-name> --tcp 3399:3389

Then, connect to your workspace via RDP:

mstsc /v localhost:3399

or use your favorite RDP client to connect to localhost:3399.


Note: Default username is Administrator and password is coderRDP!.

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