Coder's control plane and/or workspaces can be deployed on Kubernetes.


Refer to our Helm install docs to deploy Coder on Kubernetes. The default helm values will provision the following:

  • Coder control plane (as a Deployment)
  • ServiceAccount + Role + RoleBinding to provision pods + PVCS in the current namespace (used for Kubernetes workspaces)
  • LoadBalancer to access control plane

Kubernetes templates

From the dashboard, import the Kubernetes starter template:

Kubernetes starter template

In the next screen, set the following template variables:

  • use_kubeconfig: false (The ServiceAccount will authorize Coder to create pods on your cluster)
  • namespace: coder (or whatever namespace you deployed Coder on)

Variables for Kubernetes template

If you deployed Coder on another platform besides Kubernetes, you can set use_kubeconfig: true for Coder to read the config from your VM, for example.

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