Deployment logs

Deployment logs

To stream Kubernetes events into your workspace startup logs, you can use Coder's coder-logstream-kube tool. coder-logstream-kube provides useful information about the workspace pod or deployment, such as:

  • Causes of pod provisioning failures, or why a pod is stuck in a pending state.
  • Visibility into when pods are OOMKilled, or when they are evicted.


coder-logstream-kube works best with the kubernetes_deployment Terraform resource, which requires the coder service account to have permission to create deployments. For example, if you use Helm to install Coder, you should set coder.serviceAccount.enableDeployments=true in your values.yaml

    workspacePerms: true
-   enableDeployments: false
+   enableDeployments: true
    annotations: {}
    name: coder

Note: This is only required for Coder versions < 0.28.0, as this will be the default value for Coder versions >= 0.28.0


Install the coder-logstream-kube helm chart on the cluster where the deployment is running.

helm repo add coder-logstream-kube https://helm.coder.com/logstream-kube
helm install coder-logstream-kube coder-logstream-kube/coder-logstream-kube \
    --namespace coder \
    --set url=<your-coder-url-including-http-or-https>

Example logs

Here is an example of the logs you can expect to see in the workspace startup logs:

Normal pod deployment

normal pod deployment

Wrong image

Wrong image name

Kubernetes quota exceeded

Kubernetes quota exceeded

Pod crash loop

Pod crash loop

How it works

Kubernetes provides an informers API that streams pod and event data from the API server.

coder-logstream-kube listens for pod creation events with containers that have the CODER_AGENT_TOKEN environment variable set. All pod events are streamed as logs to the Coder API using the agent token for authentication. For more details, see the coder-logstream-kube repository.

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